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Fuji produces ultrasonic applied products such as a ultrasonic concentration meter for Semiconductor or LCD industries, a ultrasonic viscosity meter for chemical industries, ultrasonic vibration assisted cutting/milling tools, and ultrasonic underwater communication systems.This page shows Company overview.Fuji has headquarters in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan.

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Company Size 1 - 4
Company Type Private
Location , China
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Ports Served 8+

United Kingdom GB-ISC Isles of Scilly
Dominica DM-DOM Dominica
Micronesia FM-TKK Chuuk (ex Truk)
Belize BZ-BZE Belize City
Finland FI- Saimaa Canal
Angola AO- Angola
Nauru NR-INU Nauru Island
United States of America US-LUA Louisiana

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